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Inventory Control Models In The Private Sector Of Nigerian Economy A Case Study Of Cutix Plc Nnewi, Nigeria
Authors: Chikwendu, C. R.; Emenonye, C. E.; Nwankwo, C.
Integrated Study Of Acid Mine Drainage And Its Environmental Effects On Onyeama Mine And Environs, Enugu, Nigeria
Authors: Salufu Samuel O.; Salufu Emmanuel O.
Root Finding Problem -A Modified Approach
Authors: K. Sharath Babu
Evolution, Creation, Natural Selection
Authors: Ioanna Sahinidou
Comparative Assessment Of Selected Acoustic Properties Of Talking Drums Made From Wood Of Gmelina Arborea (roxb) And Brachystegia Eurycoma (harms)
Authors: Noah, A. S; Bamidele, O. D.; Ayeni, O. D.; Abiola, J. K.; Alao, O. J
Liquid And Plastic Limit Study Of Makurdi And Ujagba Clay Deposits For Foundry Applications
Authors: Bam, S. A.; Gundu, D. T.; Akaaza, J. N.
Detecting Ancient Water Distribution System Using Gpr In Patara, Antalya, Turkey
Authors: Erdal Akyol; Ali Aydin; Orhan Baykan
Developing Sustainable New Drum Brake System Through Life Cycle Assessment: A Case Of Us Trucks
Authors: Hoo-Gon, Choi; Dongyub, Han
A New Technology In Administering Intravenous Drugs - Microneedle Patches
Authors: Khulood Alyamani; Christian Bach
Dynamics In Body Growth Of Children With Different Types Of Intrauterine Growth Retardation
Authors: V. A. Schurov; S. O. Ryabykh; A. V. Safonova
Development Of Glasses For Guiding Visually Impaired Using Ultrasonic Sensor And Microcontroller
Authors: Wawan Setiawan; Jajang Kusnendar; Rasim
Kinetic And Energy Study Of Thermal Degradation Of Biomass Materials Under Oxidative Atmosphere Using Tga, Dta And Dsc
Authors: Fatima Boukhlifi; Alami Mohammed; Allouch Malika
Dissipation Of Cartap Hydrochloride In Brinjal (solanum Melongena)
Authors: Shashi Vemuri; Ch. S. Rao; S. Swarupa; D. Ravindranth; A. Harnatha Reddy
Design And Fabrication Of A Gas Pressing Iron
Authors: Aghanwa Sunny; Ezeonu Stella
The Role Of Entrepreneurship Education And Economic Development
Authors: Uhunmwangho Philomena; Osayomwanbor Philomena
Environmental Pollution Prevention And Control: The Current Perspective (a Review)
Authors: Aondona-Paul Ihom
The Effect Of Balancing Work Obligation And Family Responsibilities Among Female Medical Practitioners In Jos Metropolis
Authors: Keswet L. A; Barnabas S. E
A Sustainability Framework For The Beneficial Reuse Of Alumina Refinery Residue
Authors: Lee Fergusson
Global Poverty
Authors: Ankur Kushwaha; Christian Bach
Archaeology, Art and Architecture "Chini Khaneh" and "Haram Khana"; Two important buildings in the Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili complex; from famous monuments "Islamic architecture" in Ardabil (Iran).
Authors: Habib Shahbazi Shiran; Ilhama Mammadova
The Impact Of Information Technology On Islamic Behaviour
Authors: Abdollatif Ahmadi Ramchahi; Raja Jamilah Raja Yusuf; Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini
A Review Of Vedic Multiplier
Authors: Shweta Agrawal; Vijay Kumar Magraiya
Experimental Wake Studies Of A Mining Truck
Authors: A. O. Demuren; W. R. Sexton; C. P. Britcher
Assessing The Evaluation Factors For Measuring Knowledge Sharing Performance
Authors: Mehrbakhsh Nilashi; Maryam Salahshour Rad; Halina Moamed Dahlan; Noorminshah A. Iahad; Othman Ibrahim
Language And The Realization Of Millennium Development Goals (mdgs)
Authors: Edoimioya, P. O.; Aghahowa, A. E.
Serum Hepcidin Levels And Its Relevance In Therapy Of Anemia In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Authors: Manolov V.; Paskaleva-Peycheva V.; Velizarova M.; Hadjidekova S.; Atanasova Bisera; Emilova Radoslava; Vasilev V.; Tzatchev K.
Nonlinear Additives To The Brooks-Herring Screened Potential
Authors: P. N. Romanets
Intelligent Adaptive Motion Control For Ground Wheeled Vehicles
Authors: Maurizio Melluso
Stabilisation Of Hvdc Transmission System Using Pi Controller
Authors: M. Ramesh; A. Jaya Laxmi
An Analysis Of Lineaments And Mineral Occurrences Of Veligallu Schist Belt And Surroundings, Eastern Dharwar Craton, India Using Remote Sensing & Gis
Authors: P. Ramesh Chandra Phani; T. Jayaram; G. Jayalakshmi
Production Of 93. 95al-5zn-1. 05sn/ Al2o3. Sio2 Particulate Composites And The Establishment Of Relationship Between Independent Variables And Hardness Of The Composites Using Matlab
Authors: Aondona . P. Ihom; Chigozie Eleghazim; Aniekan Ofiong; Usman W. Adamu
The Life Predicting Calculations In Whole Process Realized With Two Kinks Of Methods By Means Of Conventional Materials Constants Under Low Cycle Fatigue Loading
Authors: Yangui Yu
Vehicle Parameter Identification Using De Algorithms
Authors: Hakan Gökdağ
The General Sum-Connectivity Co-Index And General Second Zagreb Co–index Of Certain Crown Molecular Graphs
Authors: Yun Gao; Wei Gao; Li Liang
Torque Ripple Reduction In Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives By Improvement Of The Switching Table
Authors: Ahmed Hassan Adel; Amr Refky; Salama Abo-Zaid; Mahmoud Elwany
Melioidosis Mimics Septic Arthritis- A Rare Presentation
Authors: Elizabeth Jeyavardhini Samuel; Nagarajan Natarajan; Sivakumar Periasamy; Vasanthi Natarajan; Jolly Daniel; Kb Latha; Dinesh Rassou
Microstructural Analysis Of Robot Laser And Induction Hardened Specimens With Fractal Geoemtry
Authors: Matej Babic
Qualitative Research Method Summary
Authors: Musab A. Oun; Christian Bach
Impact Of Media Coverage On The Controlling Of Diabetes
Authors: Rachana Pathak; Manju Agarwal
A Study On Flywheel Energy Recovery From Aircraft Brakes
Authors: Emmanuel C. Nsofor; Michael A. Conteh
Ict Application To Human Resources Management System Design
Authors: Ayangbekun, Oluwafemi J.; Abdulrazaq Abubakar Isah.; Olowookere, A. Sunday
Determination Of Thermal Neutron Macroscopic Cross Section For Two Polythene Based Slabs Using Mcnp Code
Authors: Igwesi, D. I.; Thomas, O. S.
Bearing Capacity Determination By Multiple Regression
Authors: G. O. Adunoye; O. A. Agbede
Inventory Of The Chemicals And Microenvironment Of An Albanian Tannery
Authors: Gentiana Shegani
Sustainability Of Traditional Rural Mud Houses In Tamilnadu, India: An Analysis Related To Thermal Comfort
Authors: A Madhumathi; J. Vishnupriya; S Vignesh
Sensor Network Model For Information Dissemination In Ad Hoc Environment
Authors: Shantanu Panwar; Broto Rauth Bhardwaj
Dissipation Of Spirotetramat And Imidacloprid In Grapes And Soil
Authors: Shashi Vemuri; Ch. Sreenivasa Rao; S. Swarupa
Designing And Simulation Of A New Low Voltage-Low Power Current Mode Devider Circuit
Authors: Forough Pakray
The Challenge Of Development And The Problem Of Unemployment In Ivory Coast
Authors: Bouabre Gnoka Modeste
Effect Of Vision And Orientation In Human Balance
Authors: Bendo Aida; Skënderi Dhimitraq; Veveçka Afërdita
Implementation And Performance Evaluation Of A Modified Aodv Routing Protocol For Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Authors: Khalid Hossain Jewel; Shahjahan Ali; Rahat Hossain Faisal; Khalilur Rahman
Some Problems In Simulation Modelling Of Terry Fabrics
Authors: Diana Germanova-Krasteva; Nikolay Nikolov
On One Application Of Newton’s Method To Stability Problem
Authors: Şerife Yilmaz
Image-Based Solar Tracker Using Raspberry Pi
Authors: R Abd Rahim; M. N. S. Zainudin; M. M. Ismail; M. A. Othman
The Feasibility Study Of Launching Local Trains In The Development Of Qom Villages
Authors: Simin Armaghan; Ina Taralova; Hashem Kalantari; Seyyed Jamshid Razavi Mash'ouf
Electroencephalography (EEG) Analysis Of Alcoholic And Control Subjects Using Multiscale Permutation Entropy
Authors: Lal Hussain; Wajid Aziz; Sajjad Ahmed Nadeem; Saeed Arif Shah; Abdul Majid
How Wsn Can Be Designed To Be Efficient
Authors: Falah Alshahrany; Maysam Abbod; Abdullah Alshahrani; Khloud Alshahrani
An EOQ Inventory Model With Ramp Type Demand With Shortages
Authors: Vanita Ben Dhagat; Afshan Butt; Bhanu Pratap Tripathi
Design And Analysis Of A Slotted E-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Indoor Wireless Applications
Authors: R. Rekha; L. Padmanaban; B. Senthil; S. Immaculate Joy
Study On The Deformation Band Characteristics In Mild Steel Using Digital Image Correlation
Authors: N. Srinivasan; N. Raghu; B. Venkatraman
The Role Of Biogas Energy Production And Use In Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction; The Case Of Amhara National Regional State, Fogera District, Ethiopia
Authors: Zerihun Yohannes Amare
The Unexplored Jewel Of Desert: Prospective Role Of Thar Desert In Ecological And Socio-Economic Development Of Pakistan
Authors: Masood Nawaz Kalyar; Yusuf Karakilçik
Analysis Of Occupational Accidents In Construction Sector In Turkey
Authors: Fatih Yilmaz
The Bigger Picture Of Biofuels
Authors: J. Gane
Near-Capacity Joint Source-Channel Coding For Adaptive Video Transmission Over Rayleigh Fading Channel
Authors: Jia-Chyi Wu; Wei-Chen Huang
Forest Growth Response To Cumulative Drought
Authors: Salix Adriana Carrasco-Rubio
Information System For Designing A Robust And Structured P2p File Sharing With Nat Support
Authors: M. Mesbahuddin Sarker; Tareq Hasan
Material Resources Flow Analysis Of Former Soviet Bloc Countries Of The European Union In 2000 - 2013
Authors: Lembo Tanning; Toivo Tanning
The Babassu As An Alternative Technology For Housing Construction: A Sustainable Development Approach
Authors: Maria Emilia Martins Ferreira; Paulo Afonso Bracarense Costa
Seismic Performance And Strengthening Study Of Concrete Building Structures
Authors: Sohaib Nazar; Mohd. Ahmed; Saiful Islam; Roohul A. Khan
Optical Properties Of Pmma / Dye Composite Irradiated With Laser
Authors: Ashraf S. Abdel Haleem; Gamal M. Nasr; Adel M. Alnozahy; Mohamed M. Elfaham; Anke Klingner; Mohamed I. Y. El-Rafie
The Prevalence Of Hiv Among Sudanese Volatile Substance Abuse (vsa)
Authors: Omer Abbas Mohamed Jahalla; Omer Musa Izzeldin; Rashid Eltayeb Abdalla
Analytical Computation Of The Error Probability Of Coherent M-Ary Frequency Shift Key Modulation Scheme
Authors: Isaac A. Ezenugu
Comparative Evaluation Of Initial Value Options For Numerical Iterative Solution To Eccentric Anomalies In Kepler's Equation For Orbital Motion
Authors: Ozuomba Simeon
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