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On Reviewing the Catalyst Materials for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFCs)
Authors : A. M. Sheikh, Khaled Ebn-Alwaled Abd-Alftah, C. F. Malfatti
The Impact of E-Commerce in Supply Chain Management at Dell Inc.
Authors : Alexander Harsono
A Microcontroller Based Data Acquisition System For Industrial Air Pollution Concentration Measurement In Nigeria
Authors : Ofoegbu Ositadinma Edward
On Some Properties of Multi-Communication Dynamical System with Full Connection Structure
Authors : Alexander P. Buslaev, Alexander G.Tatashev, Marina V. Yashina
Proposal of Optical Fiber use in a Portable Spectrometer
Authors : Francisco Antônio Brandão Junior, Antonella Lombardi Costa, Arno Heeren de Oliveira
Mechatronics Design And Implementation Education-Oriented Methodology; A Proposed Approach
Authors : Farhan A. Salem, Ahmad A. Mahfouz
Analysis of the Mechanisms to Control the Fulfillment of the EU Sustainability Criteria for Biofuels in Directive 2009/28/EC
Authors : Evgenia Pavlovskaia
Hybrid Vehicle Design For Disabled And It’s Control
Authors : Rüştü Güntürkün, Şükrü Kitiş, Hasbi Apaydın
Development Of A Semantic Ontology For Malaria Disease Using Protégé-Owl Software
Authors : Alamu F.O., Aworinde H.O., Oparah O.J.
Investigation of Different Parameters in Defective Photonic Crystal
Authors : Arafa H Aly, Doaa Mohamed
Comparison of the Relative Merits of Three Different Sources of Renewable Energy
Authors : Naci Kalkan
Controlling Collimator Motion in Cobalt-60 Radiotherapy Machine by Converted Breathing Electrical Signal
Authors : Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Mohamed E. M. Gar-elnabi, Imad B. Hassen, ELtaher M. Husain
A Contemporary Review of the Effects of Corrosion of Damaged Concrete Cover on the Structural Performance of Concrete Structure Using CFRP Strengthened Corroded Beam
Authors : Okuntade Tope Femi
Morphological study of mosques in districts of the medina of Kairouan
Authors : Marwa Azouzi, Najla Allani
Influence of Pavement Distress on Travel Time
Authors : Akinmade O D., Prof. D.S. Matawal, Dr.Francis Aitsebaomo, Engr. Emeso B.Ojo
Wind Energy Harvesting From Flapping Leaf Generator
Authors : Karthikeyan V., Dr. P. Maniiarasan, Bharath Kumar M R
Computer Game As A Tool For Cognitive Ability Sensitization In Adolescents
Authors : Opeyemi B. Adeleke, Yetunde Folajimi
A State Variable Model for Considering the Power Inductor DC Resistance on the Open Loop Performance of a Buck- Boost DC to DC Converter
Authors : Carlos Alberto Lozano- Espinosa, Alejandro Paz- Parra, Manuel Valencia
Phase Transitions in Heat Accumulating Inorganic and Organic Materials
Authors : Kashaev R.S.-H.
Relationship between New Types of Chaotic Maps
Authors : Mohammed Nokhas Murad Kaki, Sherko Hassan Abdurrahman
A Proposed Approach To Mechatronics Design And Implementation Education-Oriented Methodology,Case Study; Mechatronics Design Of Smart Guidance System-Smart Mechatronics Wheelchair
Authors : Farhan A. Salem
Comparison Of The Impact Of Rain On Receiver G/T For The Horizontal, Vertical And Circular Polarization
Authors : Isaac A. Ezenugu
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