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Phase Transformations In Mechanically Activated Gadolinium Manganites
Authors: G. A. Kozhina; S. Kh. Estemirova; R. I. Gulyaeva; O. M. Fedorova; L. B. Vedmid; A. V. Fetisov
Creative Problems Solving In The Field Of Design: A Revision To Research
Authors: Fernando A. Álvarez R.; Edgar E. Martínez S.
Fixed Point Theorems In Complete Metric Spaces
Authors: Manish Sharma; Ramakant Bhardwaj; Rajesh Shrivastava
About A Realization Of Servo-Constraints, Imposed On The Corrected Gyrocompass
Authors: Teshaev M. Kh.; Baxriddinova M. A.
Gender Issues In The Teaching Of Science, Technology And Engineering (ste): A Case Study Of Edo State Institute Of Technology And Management
Authors: Idiata, D. J; Oguah, C. A; Iguisi Akugbe
Non-Economic Factors That Affect Credit Risk. The Case Of Albania
Authors: Valentina Sinaj; Glediana Zeneli; Elva Uruçi
Experimental Validation of Combustion with Cfd Modeling In Single Cylinder Four Stroke Ci Engine Fueled With Biodiesel
Authors: Darshana S. Gaikwad; Ajay V. Kolhe
Body Circumference Parameter As Predictor Of Percent Body Fat For Female Undergraduates In A Nigeria University Community
Authors: Ojoawo Adesola. O; Adeyanju S. A; Adeniran S. A
Chitosan Coated Copper-Oxide Film Onto Si-Wafer: A Novel Photo Catalyst For CO2 Reduction
Authors: Srijita Basumallick
Global Warming Control Using Thermal Insulator Paving Bricks
Authors: Ladislaus Lwambuka; John K. Makunza
The Environmental Threat Of Sachet Water Package (waste) On Agricultural Land
Authors: David. J. Idiata; Julius U. Iyasele
A Strategy Towards Sustainable Industrial Building Systems (ibs): The Case Of Malaysia
Authors: R. Taherkhani
The Impact Of Unsteady Of Waves In Cylindrical Bodies That Are In A Deformable The Medium
Authors: I. I. Safarov; O. Sh. Qilichov; B. Z. Nuriddinov
Multicriteria Valuation Of Supply Energy Options Considering For The Integrated Energy-Resources Planning
Authors: Miguel Edgar Morales Udaeta; Isabel Akemi Bueno Sado; Felipe Coelho Costa
Particle Swarm Optimization Of Switched Reluctance Generator Based Distributed Wind Generation
Authors: K. Bouchoucha ; M. N. Mansouri; H. Yahia
Voc Treatment By Catalytic Incineration
Authors: Tuğba Gürmen Özçelik
Study Of The Photo-Oxidation And Photolysis Of Unsaturated And Cross-Linked Polyesters (up) In The Presence Of Inorganic Photo-Active Pigment As Titanium Oxides
Authors: Zahi Khalil; Mariam Akil; Bachar Koubaissy
Zinc-Plated Roofing Sheets And The Effect Of Atmospheric Pollution On The Durability Of The Sheets
Authors: Aondona-paul Ihom; Aniekan Offiong
A Level Set Approach For High Performance Computing For Multiphase Fluid Flows
Authors: A. K. Borah; P K Singh
On New Techniques For Optimization Over Polynomials
Authors: Taner Büyükköroğlu; Vakif Dzhafarov; Feyzullah Ahmetoğlu
Online Eeg Eye State Detection In Time Domain By Using Local Amplitude Increase
Authors: Selahaddin Batuhan Akben
Threads Scheduling On Linux Operating Systems
Authors: Julian Fejzaj; Igli Tafa; Stavri Thomollari
Implementation Of Security Mechanism For Bluetooth Communication
Authors: D. Hema Latha; T. S. Savita; K. Sudha; D. Rama Krishna Reddy; Azmath Mubeen
Increasing Electricity Generation By Using Organic Rankine Cycle (orc) Through The Fluegas Of Boilers As A Heat Source
Authors: Omid Rowshanaie; Saari Bin Mustapha; Kamarul Arifin Ahmad; Hooman Rowshanaie
Technical Images As Dominant Cognitive Metaphor Of The Contemporary Society
Authors: Thomas Hauer
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Characteristics And Paradigm
Authors: Ardavan Ashabi; Khalil Salah
Modification And Verification Of Hand Operated Avocado And Mango Harvester
Authors: Dubale Befikadu
Infra-Red And Ultraviolet Control, Lvi-Testing, Partial Discharges And Another Diagnostic Methods For Detection Of Electrical Equipment’s Faults, Defects
Authors: Alexander Yu. Khrennikov; Roman V. Mazhurin; Pavel S. Radin
Design And Development Of A Low Cost Automatic Transfer Switch (ats) With An Over-Voltage Protection
Authors: Lanre Olatomiwa; Rasheed Olufadi
Impact Of Different Water Levels On Growth, Plant Water Relations And Leaf Characteristics In Seedling Of Tongkat Ali (eurycoma Longifolia Jack)
Authors: Hooman Rowshanaie; Puteri Edaroyati Megat Wahab; Omid Rowshanaie; Mohd. Ridzwan Abd. Halim; Hawa Zee Jaafar
Gas Chromatography Elemental Analysis Of Some Corrosion- Coat-Protective Bitumen From Nigerian Resources
Authors: T. N. Guma; S. Y. Aku; M. Dauda; D. S. Yawas
Secure Communication Using Public Key Cryptography In Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Anushree R
Big Data Analytics: A Tool For Entrepreneurial Innovation Through Transparent And Flexible Network Management In Healthcare Sector
Authors: Broto Bhardwaj; Aishwarya Kaul
Hydrogeological Investigation For Groundwater Potentials In Ajaokuta Area, Kogi State Nigeria Using Electrical Resistivity Surveys
Authors: Samuel. O. Oni
Review On Issues Of Eye Gaze Tracking Systems For Human Computer Interaction
Authors: Rasoul Banaeeyan; Maliheh Bahari
Voltage Regulation Of Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System
Authors: Vani Navasare; Raju Yanamshetti
Generating Control Signals In The Electro-Energy Networks Using Passive Elements
Authors: Zorica Bogicevic; Slobodan Bjelic; Petar Spalevic; Bojan Prlincevic
Engine Combustion Analysis Of An Idi-Diesel Engine With Rice Bran Methyl Ester And Isopropanol Injection At Suction End
Authors: T Victor Babu; B. V. Apparao; Aditya Kolakoti
Material Flow Efficiency Of Central And East European Countries Of The European Union
Authors: Lembo Tanning; Toivo Tanning
Impact Of Longitudinal And Transverse Waves By Cylindrical Layers Were Liquid
Authors: I. I. Safarov; Z. I Boltaev; M. Sh Akhmedov
Waste To Wealth: Production Of Bioethanol From Pineapple Waste
Authors: Idiata, David. J; Iyasele, Julius . U
Evaluation Of The Fluxing Potentials Of Okene Potassium Feldspar For Silicate Ceramics Production
Authors: F. I. Iloghalu; E. E. Nnuka
Development Of Translucent Porcelain From Kankara, Nahuta And Nsu Clays, Using Local Fluxing Content
Authors: F. I. Iloghalu; E. E. Nnuka
Factorial Analysis Of Phosphorus Removal During Bioprocessing Of Iron Oxide Ore Using Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans (atf)
Authors: E. M. Ameh; A. O. Agbo; S. E. Ede; C. A. Mgbachi; S. I. Neife; I. D. Adiele; C. N. Eze
Assessment Evaluation Of Removed Phosphorus Concentration Based On Its As-Beneficiated Content And Treatment Temperature
Authors: E. M. Ameh; S. I. Neife; I. D. Adiele; C. A. Mgbachi; A. O. Agbo; S. E. Ede; C. N. Eze
Evaluation Of Required Receiver Antenna Gain And Dimension For Analog And Digital Satellite Tv Transmission Link
Authors: Isaac A. Ezenugu
Fixed Point Iteration Computation Of Nominal Mean Motion And Semi Major Axis Of Artificial Satellite Orbiting An Oblate Earth
Authors: Ozuomba Simeon
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