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Design And Construction Of A Smart Door Lock With An Embedded Spy-camera
Authors: A. S. Falohun; B. O. Makinde; T. H. Akin-olayemi; A. E. Adeyege; A. E. Adeosun; O. A. Adegbola; B. D. Akande
Comparison Of Network Structure Between Local Stock Disaster And Covid-19 In Chinese Stock Market
Authors: Guoting Wu; Hongxing Yao
Research And Analysis For The Resurgence Of The Solid & Composite Desiccant By Utilizing Solar Concentrator Of Scheffler
Authors: Bhanu Pratap Singh; Rahul Patel
Security In Wireless Local Area Network
Authors: Okemiri Henry Anayo; Afolabi Idris Yinka; Oketa Christian Kelechi; Ekeh Godwin E
The French Knight Bayard (1473?-1524) Was Treated For Syphilis : Sem-edx Evidence Of Mercury-rich Particles Loaded On His Tooth
Authors: Gérard Lucotte
Design And Analysis Of A Torsional Mode Mems Disk Resonator For Rf Applications
Authors: Reza Askari Moghadam; Shadi Ebrahimi
Analysis Of Vital Nodes In Chinese Stock Market Network During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Authors: Chengxuan Guo; Hongxing Yao
Corrosion Effects On Cross-sectional Area Reduction Of Reinforcing Steel Embedded In Concrete And Exposed To Saline Media
Authors: Charles Kennedy; Overo Kenneth Ejukonemu; Tobi Derebebeapade Stanisslous
Causes And Effects Of High Cost Of Construction Projects In Abuja, Nigeria
Authors: Abu G. A; Kasimu . M. A; Okigbo Olushola Ndefo
Dynamic Characteristics Of Various Strategies For Circuit Optimization
Authors: Alexander Zemliak; Christian Serrano
Maximum Performance Of The Traction Drives System With Inverter Powered Induction Machines
Authors: Grzegorz Skarpetowski; Michele K. Krättli
Seismic Assessment Of Historical Timber Bekdemir Mosque
Authors: Merve Özkaynak; Burçin Şenol Şeker
Fuzzy System To Increase Efficiency In The Flotation Process In A Mining Plant
Authors: Fernando Augusto Quadros Pereira Nunes; Gustavo Luis Soares
Parameter Extraction Of Solar Photovoltaic Module Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Approach
Authors: Ishaya D.; Bakare G. A.; Aliyu U. O; Haruna Y. S; Isa A. I
Upper Bound For The Least Poisson Ratio Of Orthotropic Materials
Authors: Kaza Vijayakumar; Girish Kumar Ramaiah
Viscoelastic-plastic Material Models:
A Comparison Between Numerical Results
And Experimental Tests

Authors: Alfonso Nappi; Bruno Crisman
Comparative Study Of Overlay And Offset Algorithms In 3-by- 3 Video Wall Using Objective Metrics
Authors: Paul, N. B.; Omizegba, E. E.; Okereke, O. U.; Anene, E. C.
Performance Evaluation Of A Location Control System For A Sea Going Vessel’s Receiving Antenna
Authors: Ebinowen Tusin Dayo
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