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The Gravi-magnetic Theory Of The Space-time Fabric
Authors: Rapando B. W; Carson T. N
Spatial Analysis For The Suitability Of Airport Locations In The Indonesian National Capital In East Kalimantan
Authors: Syachrul Arief; Muhammad Hafizh Syafi’i
Numerical Simulation For Porous Medium Flat-plate Solar Collector
Authors: Bang-yenn Wu
Delineating Sediment Maturity And Provenance From Field Geology And Heavy Mineral: A Case Study Of Lokoja-basange Formation South-south Nigeria
Authors: Salufu E. O.; Oladapo I. O.
Comprehensive Analyses Between Acoustic Comfort And Materials Used In Vehicles - A Data Driven Literature Review Of Acoustic Comfort In Vehicles
Authors: Cășeriu Bianca; Blaga Petruța
On Semi–normed Spaces, Via Semi–pre–inner Product And Orthogonality According To An Index
Authors: Artur Stringa; Arbër Qoshja
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