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No Relationship Between Rate Of Learning And Other Parameters Of Neural Network - A Matlab Experience
Authors: Md. Ashek-al-aziz; Abdullah-hil Muntakim
Numerical Analysis Of Flameless Combustion In A Compact Chamber Burning Hydrous Ethanol
Authors: Bruna Oliveira Passos E Silva Siqueira; Marco. A. R. Nascimento; Lucilene De Oliveira Rodrigues; Cláudia Gonçalves De Azevedo; Christian Jeremi Coronado Rodriguez; Tulio Augusto Zucareli De Souza
Evaluation Of Biogas Production Using Cow Dungs
Authors: Iyama, William Azuka; Nimame, Preye Kingsley
Axial Strength Estimation Of Reinforced Concrete Columns Confined Through Fiber Reinforced Polymer (frp) Jackets
Authors: Marina L. Moretti; Evangelos Miliokas; Ioannis Paparizos
Determination Of Drying Characteristics Of Local Seeds (melon And Fluted Pumpkin Seeds): Drying Kinetics Models
Authors: Agu Ukamaka Stephenie; I. A Obiora-okafo; Ndive Julius Nnamdi
Traffic Impact Analysis - Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall Case Study
Authors: Arian Davarnia; Mustafa Gürsoy
Potential Energy Storage System For Autonomous Ac Microgrid
Authors: Daming Zhang
Application Of Coriandrum Sativum Biomass In The Removal Of Chromium (vi) From Polluted Waters
Authors: Ismael Acosta Rodríguez; Ana Sofia Reyes Barbosa; Martha E. Purata Díaz; Paulina Olivo Fat; Juan F. Cárdenas González; Erika Enríquez Domíngez; Adriana S. Rodríguez Pérez; Víctor M. Martínez Juárez; Juana Tovar Oviedo
An Overview Of Biomass Energy Usage In Sirnak Province Of Turkey
Authors: Mazlum Cengiz; Kadir Aydin
Dye And Preservative Efficacy Screening Of Some Synthesized Substituted Chalcones Through Their Bioactivity
Authors: Bilkis Jahan Lumbiny; Mymuna Sabrina; Sayima Siddika; M. Azizul Islam; Abu Taher
Hybrid Of Power Series Expansion And One-time Seeded Secant Approximation Solution To Kepler’s Equation Applicable To Satellite With Keplerian Orbits
Authors: Authors: Akpasam Joseph Ekanem; Ogungbemi Emmanuel Oluropo; Israel Sylvester Umana
Comparative Cost Analysis For Autonomous Wireless Weather Station Pv Power Installations In The Six Geopolitical Zones Of Nigeria
Authors: Gloria Ngozi Ezeh; Okon, Idongesit Asuquo; Okoloegbo Christiana Amaka
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