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Design Of Wearable High Gain Wide Band Antenna Using Semi Oval Geometrical Shape For Wireless Applications
Authors: Ashraf S. Abdel Halim; Mohamed Elhemly; Mohanad M. Hassan
Synthesis Of Heterocyclic Derivatives Of Pyrrole Under Solvent-free Conditions
Authors: Thi Thanh Mai Nguyen; The Hoai Le; Viet Toan Nguyen
Evolution Of The Spillover Effect Of Pilot Carbon Markets In China
Authors: Xiangxiang Lv, Ying Zhang, Xuxia Li, Qi Zhang, Xinghua Fan
Effect Of Technology Parameters On Tool Wear In Milling Process: An Overview
Authors: Nguyet Vu Nhu
Optimization Of The Inhibitive Properties Of Azadirachta Indica Seed Extract On The Corrosion Of Aluminium In Acid Medium
Authors: Ekeke I. C.; Osoka, E. C.; Nwanja J. U.; Nze E.
A Study On Prediction Of Surface Roughness In A Milling Process
Authors: Nguyen Hong Son; Nguyen Van Thien; Do Duc Trung; Vilaivanh Xaixavang
A New Method Of Studying Of Different Types Of Fractures And Cracks In Concrete By Image Processing
Authors: Rezaie F; Asgarinejad M
Combined Normal Form In The Model Of An Injectable Drug
Authors: A. I. Ruiz; B. Aguilar; L. Leão; S. Sánchez; K. Oliveira; M. Lacort; R. Ferreira; E. Rodrigues
Natural Ventilation In A Dense Urban Tissue
Authors: Elton Hala; Neritan Shkodrani
Comparative Study Of The Physico-chemical, Structural And Proximate Analysis Of Yellow And Brown Tigernut(cyperus Esculentus)
Authors: Evbuomwan B. O; Alabi S . O
Development Of A Guard Channel-based Prioritized Handoff Scheme With Channel Borrowing Mechanism For Cellular Networks
Authors: Ozuomba Simeon; Itoro J. Akpan; Kalu Constance
Analysis Of Single Knife Edge Diffraction Loss For A Fixed Terrestrial Line-of-sight Microwave Communication Link
Authors: Dialoke, Ikenna Calistus; Ozuomba Simeon; Henry Akpan Jacob
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