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Voltage Profile Improvement In Distribution Network Under Maximum Loading. (a Case Study)
Authors: Tolulope David Makanju; Idris Abu Umoru; Henry Erialuode Amhenrior; Abanihi Vincent Kenechi
Modeling Of Heat And Masstransfer Around A Rotating Cone Of Revolution
Authors: Bezandry Germain; Fanjirindratovo Tovondahiniriko; Belkacem Zeghmati; Marcelin Hajamalala Andrianantenaina
Research On The Integration Of 2d Graphics And 3d Printing System
Authors: Hui-chin Chang
Cecropia Pachystachya Loefl. Extract: A Promising Source Of Bioactive Anti-photoaging Agents For Cosmetics
Authors: Nádia R. B. Raposo; Adriana Garcia; Andressa Paula Oliveira Machado; Pollyana Mendonça De Assis; Laura De Andrade Junqueira; Glower Braga
A Case Study In Using Fuzzy Logic To Combine Student’s Opinion Of Teaching (sot) Into A Final Defuzzified Result
Authors: Kuo-pao Yang; Patrick Mcdowell; Charles Norsworthy; Damodar Dahal; Andrew Burningham; Matthew Boudreaux
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